Friday, July 13, 2012

Essie Escapades and bling

Essie Escapades is one of my most used polishes. It is a medium toned, slightly less bright than a tomato red color with a jelly, creme finish. I keep coming back to this because it is 1) long lasting and chip-resistant 2) looks good whether I have lighter or tanned skin 2) love it equally as much on the hands as on the toes 3) one to two coats is more than opaque and 4) applies like a dream.
I thought I'd bling it up for something different than my usual wear. For this, I used Milani's Jewel Fix in Gold on the ring finger. I've done the same bling routine to other colors and it looks especially chic with a nude, french manicure colored polish like Rimmel's French Manicure in 130 French Lingerie. Give this a try if you want to bling up your most used polishes for something a little extra.
Or if you want something sparkly to look at on your ring finger ;)

xx, A.

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