Wednesday, June 29, 2016

New Lens: Canon EF 50mm f1/8 STM

Hi guys! I did a few test shots today with my new lens. I finally replaced the lens for my Canon Rebel XS after I dropped and ran over my old kit lens with my bike in Mexico last year. It was probably for the better since I probably wouldn't have made the move and purchase this new lens. I have decided on this EF 50mm f1.8 STM lens based on its good reviews, but mostly because it is so affordable for the quality of pictures that you get. The only drawback is that there is no zoom function so it is fixed at a certain distance. The f1.8 allows for a nice bokeh effect and lets enough light in where it works nicely in dim light conditions. I have yet to fully try it out in low lighting but a few test runs showed it will not disappoint! Hopefully this means that I will be getting around to taking more pictures and have this blog up and running again :)

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

NOLA photo diary

My boyfriend and I spent 4 days visiting New Orleans. The city has so much charm and history (not to mention an abundance of good ol' southern comfort food!) that it easily moved its way to the top of my list of favorite places.
Even though live music fills the streets, it is not noisy or obnoxious at all, but rather very endearing. Frenchmen St. was lined with bars and restaurants with live jazz. We watched the local patrons' amazing footwork dancing to the jazz music in The Spotted Cat. Our night didn't stop there. Afterwards, we dinned at Three Muses and had such a scrumptious meal paired with good vibes all around us.
I couldn't stop admiring all of the beautiful architecture ( in fact, my boyfriend had to snap me out of it several times), whether it be the balconies, lush greens, and french doors along with the old historic streets in the French Quarter that makes you feel like you're no longer in the 21st century; or the beautiful mansions and luscious gardens in the Garden District. Horses and carriages, streetcars and trolley rides, cathedrals and churches, creole cottages and mansions made me feel like I've stepped into a different world.
Saying that the how amazing the food was is an understatement... Beignets, cafes, seafood, grits, and endless street drinking, I never wanted to leave. If I could, I would bring theses places back home with me..
Must Eats:
Surray's Juice Bar for their amazing shrimp and grits
District Donuts Sliders Brew for their innovative and creative donuts that change daily as well as their croqenuts (especially the Elena Ruz)
Cafe Du Monde for their beignets and cafe au lait (they open 24 hrs!)

NOLA, you will surely get many more visits from me.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

I'm Back!

It has been a long and busy 2 years since the last time I have been on blogger. I completely stopped cold turkey two summers ago before I left home. Now, I am on the home stretch of finishing school in Chicago, and I am already feeling sad that I will be leaving this beautiful city. Of course the winters are harsh and I curse it every time it comes. But summer time chi always redeems itself and finds a place in my little heart. This past summer was exceptionally beautiful. I wish summer didn't have to end.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

J.Crew popover blouse

I couldn't resist getting this piece when I spotted it stores. I wore it quite casually here today with Zara's crochet shorts and a pair of sandals from Aldo. But what I really treasure this piece for, is its vibrant flame pop of color when paired up against the usual office attire of black pencil skirts, trousers, blazers, and such- it keeps the ensemble from being boring. I usually shy off from getting such bold colors like this to avert attention, but my summer tan seems to make me I think I can pull this off (for now!).
Checking off both the dressed up and dress down ability of this blouse, it passes the qualifications of a versatile piece. And you know I damn well love my versatile pieces! It's cut to be flattering, appropriate, and makes the outfit well put-together for being a sleeveless top.
I'm slightly obsessed with J.crew at the moment and of course have my mental wishlist ready: bags (like this and this), shoes (like this), and omg let's not get started with their jewelry (it would get out of control if I started listing). Safe to say, I have not lost my mind and purchased everything in there...yet.