Thursday, July 12, 2012


The good thing about summer is that the sun sets late into the evening. After the movies, it was still bright out and we sat outside to relax in the comforting and well-welcomed cool air before meeting up for dinner. Its been so hot during the day that I honestly neglect carrying anything heavy, and that includes my camera. The evening felt so comfortable that I didn't mind posing for a few shots. Oh and talking about comfort, I can practically live in this GAP T-shirt- it feels super soft and worn in, with the perfect v-neck cut and looseness. Nothing more casual & comfortable than a tee and shorts, eh? I will have to show you my new black sandals in more detail later on, I absolutely love them! It seriously goes with every outfit.

xx, A.


  1. Awww!that right! btw, I got a same bracelet actually which that color full. tat great! hihi anyways it look good on you and you outfit totally my favorite for whole the time cus it simple n gorgeous. and i must said you looooooook supppppper comfortable and fashionista at the same time! hihihi:)

  2. Hiiii Angie! Omgosh, I totally know what you mean about living in comfy t-shirts and shorts! :] Super cute! Love your bag!



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