Thursday, April 19, 2012

Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair

First, let me just say that rest of this post will be about how much I love Estee Laduer and this serum. I was planning to wait to do my review, but its effects are already apparent that I just had to share. I finally sucked it up and got it in the 30 mL, a 3 month supply. It's marketed to be an anti-aging and repair product. What I hoped this would do for my skin was to fade away my acne scars and to even out my skin tone. Within 2 days, I already felt a difference in my skin. In the morning I wake up to luminous, hydrated, baby soft skin. The idea is of this serum is to help support the natural process of repairing damaged skin during it's optimal time at night when our skin is not constantly using its efforts to protect us from UV light and other environmental assaults during the day. So far I've been using it for a week, and my scars have diminished significantly, my skin tone is more even, and it prevents me from breaking out. I also feel more at ease that I'm taking preventative, anti-aging measures with this as my insurance for healthier skin.
I also got a 10 day sample of Estee Lauder's new foundation Invisible Fluid. It is fragrance-free, SPF-free, and has oil-controlling properties.
Coverage: It is sheer to light coverage with natural skin and imperfections peeking through but tones imperfections and blemishes down.

Finish: Extremely natural, indeed a completely make-up free look. After blending right into the skin, it seems to have vanished and leaves your skin with a natural matte finish. I don't even feel like I'm wearing any makeup.
{blended in}

I didn't notice Estee Lauder products before since I thought it targeted an older age group, but I definitely changed my mind and will be on the lookout for more especially their skincare line. What are your fave Estee Lauder products?

Thursday, April 5, 2012

photo log: what i've been wearing

1. new wooden wedge sandals from zara
2. opi's stranger tides polish
3. rimmel's airy fairy
4. my everyday rings and bracelets
5. sheer tops

I finally wore Stranger Tides for the first time after having bought it many months back. Realized this taupey, pale green from the Pirates of the Caribbean collection suits my skin tone pretty well. Airy Fairy has been my go to lipstick, even though I hated it at first because of its slightly frosty finish. Couple dabs of this however creates a mlbb kind of shade.
What have you guys been wearing?