Thursday, June 7, 2012

Photolog: weekend fun

{colorful kites catching the breeze}

The last weekend of May a bunch of us went to Ocean City, MD to celebrate the long weekend. It was crazy, fun, and tiring. I came back with sand in my beach bag reminiscent of the first sign of summer, laying hours in the sun chatting and eating, dining with amazing seafood (tons of crablegs!), having our stay literally a footstep away from the beach/pool/ swim-up bar/hammocks, dancing to music on the beach at 3am in front of the ocean waves and underneath the night sky full of stars, and staying up to watch my first sunrise on the beach ever. I didn't bring my dslr, but luckily we have an amazing friend and photographer to capture everything!

{Met Hellokitty on her world tour after our ferris wheel ride}

{Our easy access to the beach}

{View of the end of the pier from the ferris wheel }

{Famous local spot with delicious food}

{Extremely detailed sand art }

Photos by Nick Feliciano

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  1. That looks amazing. Can't wait for summer!


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