Sunday, May 20, 2012

Undereye correctors: Giorgio Armani and Bobbi Brown

{Giorgio Armani master corrector in shade 02}

Peach/apricot correctors are my best friends. They erase my hereditary dark pigmentation that I have under my eyes, and my plan is to try all of them out there. So far I've only tried two (that was because I was so loyal to Bobbi Brown's corrector and had a hard time moving on..but more on that later). Recently, I decided picked up Giorgio Armani's master corrector in their peach shade. I love it for what Bobbi Brown's corrector didn't do.. but of course it has some cons. So...still deciding if this is worth $38 USD.
Formula For a liquid concealer, this is extremely opaque yet it is so easy to blend.
Coverage Brightens up the under eye area but doesn't cover my dark circles as well as Bobbi Brown corrector. However, this is expected for a liquid concealer.
Packaging For such an expensive item, I would've liked a fancier packaging than a regular looking tube of concealer. I do like that the brush applicator is extremely thin so that you won't dot on too much product.
Finish It has a very natural looking finish without having a "undereye concealer" look. It also does not crease like Bobbi Brown's corrector does.

Besides the fact that it doesn't cover as well as BB does and its limited color selection of the peach shade, I really like this corrector and it'll probably be the closest I'll ever get to the best corrector on the market. For those who have sleep-deprived or very minor dark circles, I imagine this is enough coverage and will definitely brighten up your eyes.

{ Bobbi Brown's corrector in peach}

Not long after I bought my 2nd one of this did I realize I need to find a better corrector. When I first got it, I loved it. It completely and magically erased all of my under eye circles. But, this creased like mad only after several hours of wearing it. I can't even tell you how badly it looks after a long day of laughing/smiling.
Formula & Finish It is super creamy. So creamy that it slips and slides and will need a powder to set. So creamy it settles right into fine lines. I've tried applying by finger, brush, dabbing, blending- all leads to the same result
Coverage Very thick opaque coverage. The peach shade is the perfect color to erase my brownish pigmentation.
Packaging I love the cute little compact with a mirror packaging. The mirror comes in handy (to touch up the creasing)

{Wearing Giorgio Armani's master corrector}

I have my eye on Lancome's waterproof protective undereye concealer next. The name already draws me in. What type of undereye correctors would you recommend?


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  2. ouch... $38 is so much for a concealer :( i wish make up is cheaper!


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