Tuesday, October 25, 2011


The most important thing in makeup to me is foundation. Aside from a good skincare routine, choosing the right foundation makes the biggest difference in appearances. The three that I have been rotating around are MAC's Face and body in C3, Nar's Sheer Matte in Barcelona, and Rimmel's 25 Hour foundation in 202 Nude. I have been using these 3 for almost one year now and I love them all.

Mac's Face and Body
Affordability- $34 for 4 fl oz
Packaging- Squeeze bottle (Hygienic and easy to control amount of product out of the bottle)
Coverage- Light (almost like a tinted moisturizer), best for good skin days/ evening out of skin tone
Consistency- Runny, water-based
Finish- Skin-like and dewy (If not properly applied, it can look oily)
Pros- Doesn't look like you have makeup on at all but instead the foundation looks just like skin, feels light, large shade range, foundation color adjusts to your skin
Cons- Not that buildable, can look oily if layered on too thick or if you have oily skin, too light of a coverage on days when more coverage is needed

Nar's Sheer Matte
Affordability- $42 for 1 fl oz
Packaging- Glass bottle, no pump, hard to dispense
Coverage- Medium to Full, buildable, best for evenings out or a lot of picture-taking
Consistency- Not too thin nor thick
Finish- Although called "matte" it doesn't look too matte where your skin looks lifeless- instead it gives you that glowy skin
Pros- Flawless looking skin with the tiniest amount needed, photographs beautifully giving a sort of blurred effect to the skin(like photo-shop?)
Cons- Quite pricey, no pump, can cling onto dry patches (but nothing a good moisturizing beforehand can't fix)

Rimmel's 25 Hour Foundation

Affordability- $6-8 for 1 fl oz
Packaging- Squeeze tube, easy to throw in makeup bag, sort-of easy to dispense but can get a little messy at times
Consistency- Thick
Coverage- Full
Finish- Flawless looking skin (not too matte nor dewy)
Pros- very affordable, easy to carry around, gives a flawless finish, doesn't feel thick on skin, very long lasting (looks the same after 10 hrs as it did when first applied)
Cons- Clings onto dry patches, light rose smell to it, limited shade range


  1. Thanks for the reviews love!
    I love your blog.
    I definitely want to check out Rimmel's foundation now. :D

  2. Thanks! And you should definitely check it out =)

  3. hi, great post.

    i use the sheer mat of nars or satinfinnish of mac. i love them.




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