Wednesday, July 25, 2012

J.Crew popover blouse

I couldn't resist getting this piece when I spotted it stores. I wore it quite casually here today with Zara's crochet shorts and a pair of sandals from Aldo. But what I really treasure this piece for, is its vibrant flame pop of color when paired up against the usual office attire of black pencil skirts, trousers, blazers, and such- it keeps the ensemble from being boring. I usually shy off from getting such bold colors like this to avert attention, but my summer tan seems to make me I think I can pull this off (for now!).
Checking off both the dressed up and dress down ability of this blouse, it passes the qualifications of a versatile piece. And you know I damn well love my versatile pieces! It's cut to be flattering, appropriate, and makes the outfit well put-together for being a sleeveless top.
I'm slightly obsessed with J.crew at the moment and of course have my mental wishlist ready: bags (like this and this), shoes (like this), and omg let's not get started with their jewelry (it would get out of control if I started listing). Safe to say, I have not lost my mind and purchased everything in there...yet.



  1. Love that orange color! And those shorts are super cute. :)

  2. Thanks! It's actually more of a coral red color, but now I see it does look orange on camera =(

  3. Gorgeous and defianetly a good choice to be brave with colour,specially with a gorgeous glowing tan,bright colours and a tan look gorgeous together,makes you look healthy and glowing!
    Love your blog and style,following78 for more style inspiration.
    Hope your having a lovely day x

  4. Your blog is so great :-) This look is really perfect for summer, I love the bright shirt mixed with the crochet shorts, and you look SUPER PRETTY as well! xo

  5. ahhhh! this color looks so nice on your skin tone! i liked your post with the victoria's secret bathing suite!! i can never get my hands on that bandeau top!! (if its the one i think it is) -- always sold out :(

  6. Wow I love your style!!! You are so cute! I'm a new follower! Cant wait to read more:)


  7. Hey I must say you have a great choice of selecting your stuff...the sandals are so awesome to look at it...and the shorts are so creatively designed...great to see you in these cloths..

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  8. I adore this blouse, such a gorgeous color! Those lace shorts are lovely as well!

    Rachel’s Lookbook

  9. Those shorts are gorgeous! I'm dying for some warm weather and I can't wait to wear something like those shorts!



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