Thursday, April 5, 2012

photo log: what i've been wearing

1. new wooden wedge sandals from zara
2. opi's stranger tides polish
3. rimmel's airy fairy
4. my everyday rings and bracelets
5. sheer tops

I finally wore Stranger Tides for the first time after having bought it many months back. Realized this taupey, pale green from the Pirates of the Caribbean collection suits my skin tone pretty well. Airy Fairy has been my go to lipstick, even though I hated it at first because of its slightly frosty finish. Couple dabs of this however creates a mlbb kind of shade.
What have you guys been wearing?


  1. i´m happy with this blog every time better.

  2. Zara has the best heels ever. Great blog, check mine out and follow!


  3. love the sheer tops! i hear target has a few good ones... if your into budget saving ;]

  4. i like the nail colour and the tops :)

    maybe you will follow me <3

  5. Obsessed w that nail color!!! I'm a huge OPI fan! I'm going to have to add that green to my collection! Love your blog, new follower!

    Xx Kelly

  6. hello sweetie! Thanks a lot for visiting and commenting my blog. I really like yours - it's quite interesting, appealling and I totally identify myself with it. I'm your new follower now and would love you to follow back if you like my blog as well. Thanks a lot for your feedback.
    have a nice weekend and I'll be back for sure

  7. Those sandals are so amazing! And I hear so much about Rimmel's Airy Fairy! It looks like such a beautiful shade. I can never seem to find it in stock anywhere though!


  8. Beautiful photos. You have amazing style! Would you like to follow each other? Have an amazing day XO!


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