Monday, March 12, 2012

coral for spring

with spring just around the corner, i couldn't wait to get some color in my wardrobe. i've been seeing bright colors everywhere in catalogs and shops and i've been drawn to this bright coral color. first, i got these comfortable chino shorts from j.crew. then i found myself being attracted to the same color in this sheer, light top from zara. the color is absolutely perfect.

i'm kicking off my mini coral frenzy with mac's vegas volt lipstick, completely appropriate for today's weather and mood. with daylights savings time, the days already feel a little longer with the sun setting a little later. i'm so glad spring is almost here.

what bright colors are you guys attracted to?


  1. I love this color, the Zara top is really cute! I just bought coral jeans and I'm obsessed with them.


  2. Peach is my favourite colour! I just love wearing it! So flattering. :3

  3. i love that top!! i'm into greens tho :p

    1. I really want a lime green top/knit!

  4. Love love love the color coral, it would look fantastic on you!


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