Sunday, January 8, 2012


meet Royale-
a limited edition MAC eyeshadow that's been out for a few months already. Its well pigmented and gorgeous. Though its hard to capture the shade on camera, the color is described as "clean violet", having violet tones in the blue (more apparent against the sky blue background). Blue eyeshadow can be tricky to pull off for a skin tone and eye color like mine, but with the violet tones, matte finish, and the deep color, it is quite easy to wear without looking clownish. I think its a fun color (yet sophisticated) and a departure from the normal nudes and neutrals.


  1. I really wish I can pull off blue eye shadows.
    I need to experiment away from neutrals and nudes.
    This shade looks so pretty on your eyes!

    1. thanks! if you find the right blue, i'm sure you can pull it off too!

  2. soo pretty :) you totally pull off the blue! i'd be hesitant .. but you've convinced me :)

    happy to have stumbled upon your blog! your pictures are gorgeous!

  3. Ohhh gorgeous colour, I wish I could pull of something like that! I love how this violet/blue accents your brown eyes, it looks really pretty. x

  4. this looks beautiful on you--I only wish I could pull it off like you can! royal blue is one of my favorite colors! so pretty :) enjoy your weekend! xoxo {av}

  5. what a gorgeous blue!! A lot of people say asian ppl don't suit blue eye shadow, but this looks amazing on you!

  6. What a beautiful colour, it really suits you!


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