Monday, December 26, 2011


{Wet N' Wild palettes}

{Comfort Zone- top: left column, bottom: right column}

Left column: (top swatches)
browbone- ivory/ beige highlighter. very pigmented and soft. i really do enjoy using this under the brow
eyelid- rosy, pinkish bronze with a satin finish. one of my favorites to use over MAC's nubile paintpot. very pigmented,soft, and easy to blend. also wears for a long time without fading or creasing with a base
crease- a bronzey brown with a satin finish. pairs nicely with the eyelid color.
definer- warm dark brown with micro shimmers. reminds me of MAC's smut e/s

Right column: (bottom swatches)
browbone- gray highlighter with satin finish. i like to use this over the lids too. very soft and easy to blend
eyelid- a very spring green color with a satin finish. very soft as well, good for a light wash of color on the lids
crease- a black based, cool dirty brown color with micro shimmers.
definer- multi colored with brown, black, dirty green. reminds me of mac's club e/s. very soft and blendable as well.

{Blue Had Me At Hello - top: left column, bottom: right column}

Left column: (top swatches)
browbone- white highlighter with a frost/shimmery finish. not the best in terms of texture.
eyelid- a silver gray. the softest and most pigmented color out of the whole palette
crease- a black based midnight blue with micro shimmers, which doesn't really translate onto the lids
definer- a matte black. has poor texture and pigmentation, least favorite of the palette

Right column:(bottom swatches)
browbone- looks silver but is actually an icy blue. soft in texture with a frost finish
eyelid- an aqua blue, the most fun color out of the palette. very soft, pigmented, and easy to blend
crease- a beautiful royal blue color. sadly, needs some work to build up to get good pigmentation
definer- matte black with glitters that doesn't really translate onto the lids. not the best texture nor pigmentation. also fades off rather quickly.

I would highly recommend these 2 palettes if you are thinking about getting them, especially Comfort Zone. With the exception of the black shadows in Blue Had me at Hello, I think every shade in the two palettes is very usable. Most of the colors ( especially those with satin/frost finishes) are all so soft and pigmented. I also like how you can mix and match colors from the two columns of each palette. Definitely good palettes to play around and experiment colors with. Hope this was useful!


  1. Fun palettes - I really love how they say eyebrow vs eyelid! Cute hints :)

    Happy Holidays <3

  2. Wow, they look very bright, think they'd look amazing!

  3. I just recently started getting into wearing eye shadow!
    I adore these colors.

    I just started following your blog and I love it!
    This year I am trying to make my dreams come true.

    follow back please?
    thank you, much appreciated :) <3


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